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Friday Games: The Yawhg

This Friday we’ll be playing a “hot potato narrative party game”, The Yawhg! The Yawhg started as a project developed for TIFF Nexus’ Comics vs. Games showcase. Game developer, Damian Sommer, was paired up with comic artist, Emily Carroll, due

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Friday Games: Europa Universalis IV

In 1492, Columbus created the four-day weekend. (MIT students don’t have classes this coming Monday and Tuesday!) I’ve been meaning to check out Europa Universalis IV since it came out in August. Having been thoroughly baffled by Victoria and EU3

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Friday Games: Puppeteer

We’re back! After a long summer and BostonFIG, Friday Games returns to the MIT Game Lab. Join us at 4pm ET in MIT room 26-153 or on our Twitch live stream at This week, we’ll be looking at Puppeteer,

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Friday Games: Hokra


This Friday, the MIT Game Lab will be hosting our most important annual sporting event plus casual end-of-term study break, the International Hokra Association Northeast Regional Championships! Starting on May 17th at 5pm, we will be in a much larger

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We’re hosting @party this June – New England’s Demoparty!

For the weekend of June 14th, we’ll be hosting the 2013 edition of @party in the Stata Center at MIT! We’ve been a consistent sponsor and attendee of this annual demo party, showcasing a culture of creative computing that is

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Friday Games: Monaco and Hokra Practice


Are you ready for a 4-player afternoon? Want to get a bit of Hokra practice before the tournament next week? Or having trouble rounding up that last member for a big heist? Join us at the MIT Game Lab this

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Friday Games: QUILTBAG Jam Recap!

Gays vs Ducks

Photo by Brian Kokernak Last weekend’s QUILTBAG Jam was a big success, with a larger turnout (and some returning jammers) from the first Gayme Jam we hosted in 2012. There were also several jammers submitting games from remote sites, adding

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Friday Talks: Televisual Sports Videogames (Abe Stein!)

Friday 4pm

Instead of Friday Games this week, we’re going to lend our support (and remote scrutiny) to Abe Stein, dauntless audio director, blogger, and grad student at the MIT Game Lab! On April 5th, he will give a short presentation on

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Friday Games: FTL Faster Than Light

A city in the sky? We're heading to SPACE

FTL is an indie game that brings to life everything we know about space travel: targeting engines, redirecting power to shields, evacuating airlocks, teleporting away teams. This starship-management game was an early Kickstarter success and is now a critically-acclaimed example

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Friday Games: Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

StarCraft II just had its first expansion pack (remember those?) featuring new units and a new campaign, plus a good number of community features that both reflect the state of eSports and hearken back to the of the ’90s.

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