Positive Game Lab Impact

Charles Pratt (moderator), Marc Check, Celia Pearce & Christopher Weaver

The panel features moderator Charles Pratt, who has been a freelance game designer since he graduated from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in 2007. He’s worked on projects for companies as varied as Adult Swim, Footlocker, and the British government. Panelists; Marc Check, the Director of Information and Interactive Technology at the Museum of Science in Boston where he directs a team of over 20 technology professionals in both classic infrastructure and interactive technologies. Celia Pearce, a game designer, author, researcher, teacher, curator and artist specializing in multiplayer gaming and virtual worlds; independent, art and alternative game genres; as well as games and gender. She currently is Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the School of Literature, Communication and Culture at Georgia Tech, where she also directs the Experimental Game Lab and the Emergent Game Group. And Christopher Weaver, an adviser to both government and industry, he is a technology columnist for Edge Magazine and holds patents in interactive media and broadband communications dealing with seminal telecommunications engineering. He currently teaches in the CMS program and is the Industry Liaison for the MIT Game Lab.

Video Produced by Generoso Fierro, Edited by Garrett Beazley.