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OpenRelativity released, plus a new beta of A Slower Speed of Light!

We’re happy to say we’ve released OpenRelativity, our game development tool designed to help developers and educators experiment with the effects of special relativity. We’ve also released new betas of A Slower Speed of Light for Windows, Mac OS X,

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Game Design And The Erosion of Meaning

My undergraduate major was religious studies.  After receiving my letter of acceptance from Haverford College, my parents, who were both ardent supporters of the values of a liberal arts education, encouraged me to explore different classes as a student. “Do not worry

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Friday Games: Hokra


This Friday, the MIT Game Lab will be hosting our most important annual sporting event plus casual end-of-term study break, the International Hokra Association Northeast Regional Championships! Starting on May 17th at 5pm, we will be in a much larger

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We’re hosting @party this June – New England’s Demoparty!

For the weekend of June 14th, we’ll be hosting the 2013 edition of @party in the Stata Center at MIT! We’ve been a consistent sponsor and attendee of this annual demo party, showcasing a culture of creative computing that is

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Friday Games: Monaco and Hokra Practice


Are you ready for a 4-player afternoon? Want to get a bit of Hokra practice before the tournament next week? Or having trouble rounding up that last member for a big heist? Join us at the MIT Game Lab this

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Looking back on April’s QUILTBAG Jam…

To continue yesterday’s thread of thinking about diversity in games, I wanted to do a little looking back on April’s QUILTBAG Jam, thinking about how the event went down and the games that came out of it. I want to

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Take The Risk

When I first volunteered to write a blog post, I had this marvelous idea: I was going to lay out a series of easy tips on how to increase diversity in your game design. My mental image of it was

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Friday Games: Lex Laser Saves the Galaxy, Again

What happens when you bring together role playing, tactical combat, advanced weapon customization, the cold depths of space, and tall tales? Oh, and a whole lot of enemies? Andrew Grant, our Technical Director, will be talking about and playing the

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