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Weekly 5 1/25/13

Hello again everyone, and welcome to another Weekly 5, our top five links to interesting stuff around the interwebnets. 1. Objectify Dudes for Good Leigh Alexander and Ben Abraham have collaborated to start a new holiday on February 1st — Objectify

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Putting Pen to Paper (Part 1)

This post is a continuation of Richard Gould’s reflections on his work as a sound designer for The Last Symphony. So with a musical direction laid out and implementation planned, the writing began. My process began with an initial sketch

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Game Lab Weekly 5: 1/11/13

Welcome to another Weekly 5, the first of the new year! 1. Kotaku on Todd’s LoL Letter A little while ago our very own Tod Harper wrote an excellent open letter to Riot Games about the sexuality of one of the

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Interview with Ludochip

On Monday the IGF announced the finalists for the main competition to be held at GDC in San Francisco. What some of you may not know is that there is an IGF competition that coincides with GDC China as well! It

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The Pick Up (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Richard Gould’s blog post about working on The Last Symphony. Read part one here.  Interactive Audio Examples The following audio examples were indented as demos of interactive music mechanics to be used in-house and are

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Friday Games: The ship, the ship, the ship is on fire

The ship, the ship, the ship is on fire

This Friday at 4pm, there will be fire in space! SpaceTeam and Space Alert run on completely different platforms (mobile and cardboard), but share the same core of realtime multiplayer coordination and This Ship Is Doomed We Are All Gonna

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