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Friday Games: The Stanley Parable

This Friday we’ll be playing The Stanley Parable, the latest remake of a 2011 mod that takes a wry look at game interactions, stories, choice and the illusions behind them. (So maybe it’s all magic!) Expertly voiced by British actor

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MIT Overseer Observer Mod

We’ve been experimenting with the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor at the MIT Game Lab over the summer and we’d like to share our current prototype casting tool. The MIT Overseer project aims to provide casters with real-time graphics to help them tell the story of a game while it is in progress. We are trying out several different ways of displaying what happened in the past of a single game and anticipating what might happen in the near future.

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Friday Games: The Yawhg

This Friday we’ll be playing a “hot potato narrative party game”, The Yawhg! The Yawhg started as a project developed for TIFF Nexus’ Comics vs. Games showcase. Game developer, Damian Sommer, was paired up with comic artist, Emily Carroll, due

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Friday Games: Europa Universalis IV

In 1492, Columbus created the four-day weekend. (MIT students don’t have classes this coming Monday and Tuesday!) I’ve been meaning to check out Europa Universalis IV since it came out in August. Having been thoroughly baffled by Victoria and EU3

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Friday Games: Puppeteer

We’re back! After a long summer and BostonFIG, Friday Games returns to the MIT Game Lab. Join us at 4pm ET in MIT room 26-153 or on our Twitch live stream at This week, we’ll be looking at Puppeteer,

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Your Worst Critic

MTG Theros Heliod God of the Sun

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Magic: The Gathering Theros Prerelease in Roanoke, VA, hosted by the awesome Evan Erwin over at A Prerelease is where a bunch of players gather together before the set

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