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Game Lab Weekly 5: 12/21/12

Here’s another Weekly 5 for you to check out! 1. Zork Creators Interview Here’s an interview from Wired with the creators of Zork, Infocom co-founders Dave Leibling and Marc Blank. Wonderfully, the interview is presented as a text adventure! 2. Interview with Far Cry 3 writer.

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The Pick Up (Part 1)

This is the first in a multi-part series of posts written by one of our Sound Designers from last summer, Richard Gould. My name is Richard Gould. I’m a Composer, Sound Designer and Voice Actor from the United Kingdom.  In the

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Game Lab Weekly 5: 12/14/12

Hello Everyone, Today we’re posting the first in our Weekly 5 series. What were going to do is select five interesting links from around the internet to share with you, our friends. We’re hand-selecting these links based on how they relate

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Friday Games: A Slower Speed of Light Q&A

This Friday, the programmers of A Slower Speed of Light will take questions from Reddit! We’ll also show some old builds of the game and (if the room is interested) a preview of OpenRelativity, our open-source release of the game

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Some ado as been made about our transition from the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT project of the past six years to our new group, the MIT Game Lab. There have been some misconceptions about our transition, the nature of the original project,

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Friday Games: Halo 4 Couch Co-op

This Friday, we’ll try the new combo co-op mode of Halo 4, which allows four players to play through the campaign on two screens and two Xbox 360s. When the Quick Time Events (also new to the series) come up,

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