Friday Games: Monaco and Hokra Practice

Friday Games: Monaco and Hokra Practice
What's Yours Is Mine

Are you ready for a 4-player afternoon? Want to get a bit of Hokra practice before the tournament next week? Or having trouble rounding up that last member for a big heist?

Join us at the MIT Game Lab this Friday, May 10 at 4:00pm and crash on our couch while we scheme and strategize, head-to-head and side-by-size. Warming up with a little Hokra while we test out the stream, we’ll be joined by visiting associate professor Mikael Jakobsson who will share some of his findings about adversarial co-op gameplay. Then we’ll get right into the winner of the IGF Seumas McNally Grand Prize in 2010, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine. Both games feature gorgeous abstractions of space and delicate teamwork.

You also really need to have the controller in your hands to understand the critical acclaim heaped on both games. We’re on the MIT Campus in room 26-153, but you can also join us online via Twitch. Time to move some chunky pixels!

Philip Tan is the creative director for the MIT Game Lab. He teaches CMS.608 Game Design and CMS.611J/6.073J Creating Video Games at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For the past 6 years, he was the executive director for the US operations of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, a game research initiative. He complements a Master's degree in Comparative Media Studies with work in Boston's School of Museum of Fine Arts, the MIT Media Lab, WMBR 88.1FM and the MIT Assassins' Guild, the latter awarding him the title of "Master Assassin" for his live-action roleplaying game designs. He also founded a DJ crew at MIT.