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Global Game Jam 2015 at MIT

We are hosting a Global Game Jam site at MIT for a 7th year! Come make games with thousands of people around the world!

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Boston Unity Group – “Sensory Input – Making games that can see, hear and feel”

Most of the input we deal with as game developers comes from the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad, but there are more ways we can interact with our gaming devices. Join Ray Brierly as he shows off some of the more unconventional ways to get player input in Unity.

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Boston Unity Group meeting – “Playmaker: Making Games with or without Coding in Unity”

"Pat the Cat" © Yann le Coroller, 2011-2012

Jenna Hoffstein and Creath Carter present PlayMaker as a platform for non-programmers and other designer-types to create interactive games with or without coding in Unity.

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Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

This kind of goes back a ways. Hang tight. Almost three years ago, the staff at the Game Lab (then GAMBIT) decided we wanted to try to allocate some time to developing little game projects together that had no real

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Global Game Jam 2013 – 48 hours, 100 jammers… 27 games!

This past January, we hosted the 5th annual Global Game Jam at MIT along with the MIT Education Arcade and Learning Games Network. Over 100 people got together (many of whom had never met or worked with each other before)

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