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Baseball’s Curious Geography

I recently stumbled upon a link to the above map that shows which MLB team Facebook page has the most “likes” on a per county basis. On the surface, the map depicts much of what you might expect: the regions where teams are geographically located have the most fans. For example, New England seems to love the Red Sox. New York, half of Connecticut, and parts of NJ and Pennsylvania seem to like the Yankees. The south, with the exception of parts of Florida, seem to like the Braves.

Interesting though it is, let’s be clear about what the map shows. It’s a breakdown of Facebook “likes,” so we’re only talking about people in those counties who are 1) on Facebook and 2) interested in “liking” a baseball page. I’m a Red Sox fan, I’m on Facebook, but I don’t officially “like” the Red Sox page according to the language and mechanics of Facebook.

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Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag

This kind of goes back a ways. Hang tight. Almost three years ago, the staff at the Game Lab (then GAMBIT) decided we wanted to try to allocate some time to developing little game projects together that had no real

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That Time I Escaped from Alcatraz

Thank you, Russ Enlow. There are so many horror stories from American gym classes, filled with shaming, and disgusting power dynamics, and negligent supervision, but not so for me. I know, I’m lucky. In my game studies circles I’m often

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Will We Soon See A SC2_NVIDIA_GeForce_GG Bowl?

So this weekend I watched a fair amount of the Starcraft 2 World Championship Series Season 1 championships online. My appetite for SC2 was whet a few days earlier when I had one of my first multiplayer play sessions here

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Game Design And The Erosion of Meaning

My undergraduate major was religious studies.  After receiving my letter of acceptance from Haverford College, my parents, who were both ardent supporters of the values of a liberal arts education, encouraged me to explore different classes as a student. “Do not worry

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Funding Game Projects: Notes from the MIT Business in Gaming Conference

The following post was written by Eduardo Marisca, CMS Graduate Student. The MIT Business in Gaming (BiG) conference took place here at the MIT campus a few weeks ago, organized by the MIT Sloan Business in Gaming Club. It was

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Weekly 5 – 4/26/13 “Shameless Self-Promotion Edition”

Welcome to a very special “Shameless Self-Promotion” edition of the Weekly 5. Usually we bring you interesting links from across the web, but today we are focusing on our own little corner of the internet because we have a TON

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IHA Northeast Regional Championships, May 17th 5PM

The IHA Northeast Regional Chapmionships When: Friday May 17th, 5PM Where: MIT Sloan Laboratory 35-225   That’s right! The IHA Northeast Regional Championships are BACK! Last year, Ramiro Corbetta and Robert Yang took home the title and donned the Hokra

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Weekly 5 – 4/12/13

Hi Ho, here’s another selection of Weekly 5 links from across the interwebs. 1. Bioshock Infinite Critique – Philip Leigh Alexander wrote an excellent critique of Bioshock Infinite. It is a great example of what we might call “New Games Criticism” and it

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Owen Goes to GDC

Owen Macindoe was one of a few IGDA scholars selected to attend GDC this past march. Here’s his report on the event.My time at GDC this year had a particularly serious tone for two reasons. The first was that I

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