The MIT Game Lab is happy to host the Boston Indies group this September for their monthly meeting. In this talk The Molasses Flood Founder and CFO Gwen Frey outlines her strategy for starting an indie studio and launching a successful indie game. She will use examples from her experience co-founding The Molasses Flood, detailing what worked and what didn’t work for their team as they built their studio and launched their flagship title The Flame in The Flood.

What’s happening with Games and Immersive theater and how do you build a location-based game for 150 concurrent players in a 1940’s night club? Club Drosselmeyer is an interactive Nutcracker in Swingtime, complete with dancers, a full band, original music, magic, an aerialist, multiple story lines, actors and lots of puzzles. Join Kellian Adams Pletcher to talks about Club Drosselmeyer 1940, what worked and didn’t work, how it was structured and what we learned from Club Drosselmeyer 1939.

This intermediate/advanced session will show the attendees how to ​prototype a complete game experience in Unreal Engine 4 ​entirely from scratch, ​without writing a single line of code. Using Blueprint, Unreal Engine’s powerful visual scripting system, we will build a game completely from scratch and, time permitting, deploy it to an Android device.