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Boston Indies: January Talk: Club Drosselmeyer Postmortem

What’s happening with Games and Immersive theater and how do you build a location-based game for 150 concurrent players in a 1940’s night club? Club Drosselmeyer is an interactive Nutcracker in Swingtime, complete with dancers, a full band, original music, magic, an aerialist, multiple story lines, actors and lots of puzzles. Join Kellian Adams Pletcher to talks about Club Drosselmeyer 1940, what worked and didn’t work, how it was structured and what we learned from Club Drosselmeyer 1939.

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Boston Indies: “Stop Remaking Mario”

Sponsored by the MIT Game Lab RSVP Required. The MIT Game Lab is happy to host the Boston Indies group this January for their monthly meeting. As usual, doors open at 6pm for networking. The talk starts at 7pm. “Stop

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Final Presentations for “Creating Videogames” Spring 2016

This Wednesday, students from our MIT class “Creating Video Games” will show off their final game projects to the public! Everyone is welcome to join us, and light refreshments will be served. Working in teams, students of CMS.611/6.073J have spent

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Girls Make Games — Boston Workshop!

Girls are... Creative! Smart! Courageous! Resourceful! And Can Make Games!

Hosted by the MIT Game Lab Join us at Girls Make Games, Boston’s first all girls game dev workshop that inspires girls to explore the world of video games. Girls Make Games Intro from LearnDistrict Inc. on Vimeo. Workshop Highlights

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Making Games in Unreal Engine 4, No Coding Required!

This intermediate/advanced session will show the attendees how to ​prototype a complete game experience in Unreal Engine 4 ​entirely from scratch, ​without writing a single line of code. Using Blueprint, Unreal Engine’s powerful visual scripting system, we will build a game completely from scratch and, time permitting, deploy it to an Android device.

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Boston Unity Group – “Sensory Input – Making games that can see, hear and feel”

Most of the input we deal with as game developers comes from the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad, but there are more ways we can interact with our gaming devices. Join Ray Brierly as he shows off some of the more unconventional ways to get player input in Unity.

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Boston Indies Meeting – “Marketing and PR like a (Soda Drinker) Pro!”

When it comes to marketing a game there are a lot of ways to go about it, from traditional PR to media buying, conventions, social media and much more. As an indie game developer it’s important to know exactly where to spend limited time and resources to make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget. We’ll be going over the pros and cons of some of the most popular marketing techniques as well as helpful tips on what you can do to make your game a success.

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Friday Games: SC2VN the StarCraft Progaming Visual Novel

For this session of Friday Games, we will be video chatting with Team Eleven Eleven, creators of SC2VN, the StarCraft Progaming Visual Novel. Come join us at MIT in building 26, room 153 or watch online on our Twitch.TV channel.

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Boston Unity Group meeting – “Playmaker: Making Games with or without Coding in Unity”

"Pat the Cat" © Yann le Coroller, 2011-2012

Jenna Hoffstein and Creath Carter present PlayMaker as a platform for non-programmers and other designer-types to create interactive games with or without coding in Unity.

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Boston Indies Meeting – “Working with Composers”

Working with Composers: Li Xiao’an presents a primer for developers regarding process, communication and common problems/solutions in working with composers. He will detail the steps involved in creating a soundtrack, and reveal industry figures and practices relating to music production for video games.

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