What’s happening with Games and Immersive theater and how do you build a location-based game for 150 concurrent players in a 1940’s night club? Club Drosselmeyer is an interactive Nutcracker in Swingtime, complete with dancers, a full band, original music, magic, an aerialist, multiple story lines, actors and lots of puzzles. Join Kellian Adams Pletcher to talks about Club Drosselmeyer 1940, what worked and didn’t work, how it was structured and what we learned from Club Drosselmeyer 1939.

We’ve had a blast making games this weekend as one of the 450+ Global Game Jam sites worldwide! 86 people from the Boston Metro area, New Hampshire, and Providence formed 16 teams to make games based on the common theme: …

Global Game Jam Postmortems & Presentations – Today, 4pm – MIT 32-123 & online Read more »

The Fall 2013 session of CMS.611 “Creating Videogames” will present their final projects as postmortems.

CMS.611 is a class designed to teach production practices for small teams making digital games. For their final project, students formed in teams of 8-10 to practice iterative design methods, agile project management, and regular play testing and user testing. This semester, we have 3 teams who will present the problems and challenges they faced this semester, what they were able to overcome, what went horribly awry, and what they learned from the process. An audience member will be asked to play the game before each presentation as a live demo of their games. There will be time after each presentation for questions to the teams.