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FROG Conference CfP – “Context Matters”

This post was written by conference co-chair Konstantin Mitgutsch. A little background about unconventional game politics When in 2006 a tragic school shooting took place in Emsdetten (Germany), a new initiative for censorship in Austria was instigated by political parties

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Weekly 5 – 3/29/13

Hello friends, welcome to another Weekly 5. This week we’ve got a bunch of stuff to share, and so much going on in the games world what with GDC going on this week. 1. Sweatshop HD Pulled from Apple Store –

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Bo Knows Tecmo Bowl

I recently watched an ESPN ’30 for 30′ documentary about Bo Jackson entitled You Don’t Know Bo all about multi-sports superstar Bo Jackson. For those who, well, don’t know Bo, he was a phenomenal high school and college athlete  who decided

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Sports Videogames Are Too Long

Sports videogames are too long. Let me rephrase for the sake of specificity, sports videogames have too much. I am a serial career mode player. I bought Madden NFL 13 when it was released, and in the seven months of owning the

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Weekly 5 – 3/16/13

Hi folks. Our Weekly 5 may be a day late, but it is still full of interesting reads from across the internet lately. Here you go! 1. Grown Up Gaming – Philip This is an interesting piece over at Kotaku from Tina

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Weekly 5 – 3/8/13

Hello and welcome back to the Weekly 5. Here’s some more hot links fresh off our computer screens and on to yours. Tomb Raider Review – Todd Here’s a really nice review of the new Tomb Raider game written by Maddy Myers. As Todd

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There Could Be…

This is the last in the series of blog posts by Richard Gould about the making of The Last Symphony. On Completion of “The Last Symphony”, several people enquired whether or not there was a soundtrack to accompany the game.

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Weekly 5 – 3/1/13

Welcome all to another Weekly 5. We’re going to try something a little bit different this time. Every week I ask Game Lab staff members to send me links to interesting web content they would like to share. I aggregate those

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Putting Pen to Paper (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Richard Gould’s blog post about the summer project The Last Symphony. Another requirement of the audio was that each object should have a unique sound that would playback when the item was collected. For those

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Weekly 5 – 2/22/13

Hey friends, welcome to Weekly 5 The Weekly Gear Rising: Weekengeance Edition! 1. Hacking A Bug Fix on Starcraft Here’s a great story from developer Patrick Wyatt about how the team hacked a solution together for a show-stopping path-finding bug during the

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