IHA Northeast Regional Championships, May 17th 5PM

IHA-ShieldThe IHA Northeast Regional Chapmionships

When: Friday May 17th, 5PM

Where: MIT Sloan Laboratory 35-225


That’s right! The IHA Northeast Regional Championships are BACK!

Last year, Ramiro Corbetta and Robert Yang took home the title and donned the Hokra jackets in the first ever tournament. This year we are changing it up a little bit!

The IHA has been growing and changing as the premier organizing body for competitive Hokra play, and we have a new logo this year.

We’re also excited to announce that the winners of this years Regional Championships will be the first to have their names laser etched onto the brand new “Corbetta Cup” trophy! Every year from now on, the two winners of the IHA Northeast Regional Championships will have their names etched into the trophy, signifying for eternity the glory of their victory. The trophy will be housed at MIT and will be on display for all to see.

Additionally, this years winners will be awarded a subscription to Sportsfriends, which includes a copy of Hokra.

Follow the link below to register your team. Teams must have two players to be qualified for entry.

Register Your Team Here!


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