Friday Games: The Stanley Parable

This Friday we’ll be playing The Stanley Parable, the latest remake of a 2011 mod that takes a wry look at game interactions, stories, choice and the illusions behind them. (So maybe it’s all magic!)

Expertly voiced by British actor Kevan Brighting and developed by Davey Wreden and William Pugh (a.k.a. Galactic Cafe), the game makes visible the narrative leash that restricts players through most story-driven game narrative, but then lovingly considers all the myriad and wonderful forms in which those leashes can manifest. We will be playing both the demo and the game itself, which are actually separate experiences but thematically linked.

We will start at 4pm ET in MIT room 26-153. You can also watch online on our TwitchTV stream.

Philip Tan is the creative director for the MIT Game Lab. He teaches CMS.608 Game Design and CMS.611J/6.073J Creating Video Games at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For the past 6 years, he was the executive director for the US operations of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, a game research initiative. He complements a Master's degree in Comparative Media Studies with work in Boston's School of Museum of Fine Arts, the MIT Media Lab, WMBR 88.1FM and the MIT Assassins' Guild, the latter awarding him the title of "Master Assassin" for his live-action roleplaying game designs. He also founded a DJ crew at MIT.

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