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QUILTBAG Jam 2014: “Labels are for Clothes”

by @kokernak

Join us on Saturday, February 8, 2014 for a day of game creation, fun, and frivolity. No game design experience necessary: all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to participate. Everyone is welcome!

LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES. Being queer means often having to label yourself — or be labeled by others — so you fit into easy categories, but that’s not always what you want. We encourage participants to make games about rejecting labels and being put into boxes against their will.

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Looking back on April’s QUILTBAG Jam…

To continue yesterday’s thread of thinking about diversity in games, I wanted to do a little looking back on April’s QUILTBAG Jam, thinking about how the event went down and the games that came out of it. I want to

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The MIT Game Lab QUILTBAG Jam! on Saturday, April 6th

Last April, the GAMBIT Lab hosted our first ever “Gayme Jam,” bringing together local designers, artists, and interested people in a one-day event to create games with LGBTQ themes. The event was a ton of fun, and one of the

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