Game Lab Weekly 5: 1/11/13

Weekly5Welcome to another Weekly 5, the first of the new year!

1. Kotaku on Todd’s LoL Letter

A little while ago our very own Tod Harper wrote an excellent open letter to Riot Games about the sexuality of one of the champions in League of Legends. Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku picked up the story and wrote a nice piece about it. Do yourself a favor and ignore the comments.

2. Mind-Changing Game


A fellow over at a Christian oriented games blog writes about his experience with Anna Anthropy’s Dys4ia. You might be surprised how this story turns out!

3. The making of Spacewar!


John Sharp writes a nice piece over at Gamasutra about his experiences designing a Spacewar! exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

4. Ken Levine the Kim Kardashian of Videogames


This is a great interview profile piece over at Polygon about Ken Levine, the driving force behind the Bioshock series of games. Irrational is right down the road, and many of our lab friends are working there on Bioshock Infinite so we are excited about the releas of the game. This interview is a nice glimpse into the world of the creative vision holder for the franchise.

5. MLB 2K is Back


For those of you with an interest in baseball videogames, the news that 2K was going to be releasing MLB 2k13 came out of the blue and likely surprised you. Owen God over at Kotaku gives his thoughts on the release and the announcement.


Abe Stein is a Research Affiliate at the MIT Game Lab and recently completed his SM in the Program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, writing about sports videogames. He has authored a number of articles about sports and sports media and is co-editor of the book Sports Videogames. He currently works as an Associate Director of Communications at Wheaton College, in Norton, MA and as a researcher with the eSports company Azubu, and have studied and written about sports media.