Weekly 5 1/25/13


Hello again everyone, and welcome to another Weekly 5, our top five links to interesting stuff around the interwebnets.

1. Objectify Dudes for Good

Leigh Alexander and Ben Abraham have collaborated to start a new holiday on February 1st — Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day. Here’s what Leigh and Ben have to say about it on the official Facebook page for the holiday.

A fun thing to do on twitter/facebook would be to have a day where anytime you tweet something — link, quote, vid, etc — from a man you include a comment on his appearance; ie “great article from the sexy Kirk Hamilton” “cool link via the gorgeous Ben Abraham” “fascinating reporting from handsome Chris Plante” or something. Imagine the net effect! Ideally it’d make the well-intentioned readers who circulate the work of women in tech rethink their “compliments”

It’s gotten mixed response from folks, but on the whole it is recognized as an important step for starting some dialog about the regular objectification of women tech writers.

2. THQ Firesale

Well, they’ve sold off the assets from THQ in an auction that lasted 22 hours, and some high profile IPs have moved to know publishers. Saints Row went to Koch Media,  Homefront to Crytek, and so much more. Check out Wired‘s report on the sale.

3. Remake of Wind Waker

Well, Nintendo is remaking Wind Waker and some people are psyched, while others are wondering why they should buy the game again just for a higher resolution version. Luke Plunkett over at Kotaku shares what it will take Nintendo to do to convince him to buy the game again.

4. Manti Te’o’s Imaginary Friend

The sports world, is all a-twitter (har har) about the star Notre Dame linebackers not real dead girlfriend. It is one of the weirdest sports stories to have come out in decades. Deadspin broke the story, and Te’o has since conducted an interview with Katie Couric to try to explain how he was victimized by an elaborate “catfishing” hoax. It’s all just so… strange. Check out the original Deadspin piece, its a fascinating read. 

5. We Be Jammin’

The Global Gam Jam is happening all over the world this weekend, and of course we are hosting here at MIT. It is a really great time, and so many interesting, fun, weird game projects emerge from the weekend. Head over to the official GGJ website to read about it and eventually to play all the freely available games!


Abe Stein is a Research Affiliate at the MIT Game Lab and recently completed his SM in the Program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, writing about sports videogames. He has authored a number of articles about sports and sports media and is co-editor of the book Sports Videogames. He currently works as an Associate Director of Communications at Wheaton College, in Norton, MA and as a researcher with the eSports company Azubu, and have studied and written about sports media.