Friday Games: Guacamelee

Due to campus closures, Friday Games is postponed to next Friday, April 26.

What do you get when you mix Metroid, Castlevania, lucha libre, a bunch of internet references, brightly-colored papercraft-looking graphics, a dash of Mexican culture, and a lot — and I mean a LOT — of chickens, including one who runs a training gym for luchadores? The answer is Guacamelee, the recently-released action platformer from Toronto-based Drinkbox Studios. An Indiecade 2012 finalist, Guacamelee tells the story of Juan Aguacate, local agave farmer, who gets his chance to become a hero when a furious skeleton from the Land of the Dead kidnaps El Presidente’s daughter and Juan acquires the power of a legendary luchador’s mask. And that’s just for starters… giant snake-dog-wolf things, fetch quests to create the ultimate enchilada, and more chickens that you can shake a churro at are all part of the Guacamelee experience.

Join us at the MIT Game Lab this Friday, April 26 at 4:00pm — either in person at 26-153 or online via — as we take a look at this quirky and charming indie platformer.

As Studio Manager for the MIT Game Lab, Rik Eberhardt spends his days playing Tetris: with people, boxes, tasklists, equipment, and time. When not staring at a spreadsheet trying to fit in another computer purchase, a last minute event budget, or placing undergraduate researchers on a Game Lab project, he's chipping away at spreadsheets on his DS, reproducing pixel-art in Picross and Picross 3D. His favorite moments on the job are working on projects with student workers and having fun social interactions forced on him despite his busy schedule. Contact him about research projects at the MIT Game Lab at

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