Sponsor the Game Lab

Become a MIT Game Lab donor

Donate to our CMS MIT Game Lab Fund via the Giving to MIT system (designation 3841520).

Gifts will support the Game Lab’s mission of critical game research, including teaching, internships, events, operations, research staff, and students by making a tax-deductible gift of any amount or by contributing to the Lab’s endowment.

Sponsor a class or competition

Do you have a new technology but need working proof of concepts to show it off?
Are you looking to explore a new domain and want the help of MIT students to discover innovative and novel ways to approach it?
Are you hiring and are finding a gap in available skills, especially among people newly-entering your industry?

Sponsor a class or competition at MIT to gain access to our talented students!

The MIT Game Lab teaches game development and design-oriented classes and is looking for special topics to use for interesting design constraints. Sponsoring a class would help support operating costs for the 4-month class (administrative costs, teaching assistants, lecturers, materials, etc.). Materials created by students in the class remain property of the students who created them. Sponsors would have access to meet and recruit students from the class.

The MIT Game Lab is also looking to create special topic classes as competitions, held during the January Independent Activities Period. Competitions would be designed around topics your organization is interested in as a recruiting event. Sponsoring a competition would help support both the development of the competition towards your organization’s goals as well as cover operating costs for the 1-month class (administrative costs, teaching assistants, materials, etc.).

Contact us!

Contact Rik Eberhardt via email at gamelab-request@mit.edu to talk about sponsoring the MIT Game Lab.